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This year companies had advertised for more than 282,000 positions in emerging technologies year-to-date, an increase of 65% over the same period in 2020.

Start your career now as a software developer with a quality IT education modified for people outside the world of IT.

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Why Us

  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Remote education
  • Live mentorship
  • Education based on the real projects
  • 10 - 20hrs per week
  • Same education in California starts from 12,000+$


Our Goal

We provide high-quality education for people outside of the IT industry. We believe that everyone can start a career in IT with high skills level, broad knowledge and very good work ethics. We believe in open-source, that is why our contrinbution to dev/open-source community is a part of our education. We teach Javascript, React, React Native, Node, Mongo Database, PWA, Blockchain, Solidity, Go, etc

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It`s real

Not a 'Hello World' course

Our mentors are skilled software developers with previous experience from banks, fintech, infrastructural and ecommerce companies.

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Striving for excellence

Live Mentorship

Our mentors will help you to improve your coding. We focus on knowledge gaps and clear explanations on how to correct your mistakes.

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Cutting edge technologies

Knowledge Up To Date

Most students are surprised that they are unable to find relevant books, as everything that is on the market is outdated. Technology changes extremely fast and it is important to be on track if you want to be a successful software developer. We adapt our courses and tasks according to current technologies standards and libraries..

About SkillCrucial

We provide high quality IT education for people from different backgrounds worldwide.

Current courses

Javascript, React, PWA, Node, Blockchain, QA, Work Ethics

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